The gardener..

I once planted a seed. With child-like excitement, I hollowed into the ground and placed the seed inside the hole. I carefully covered the hole with what I had dug up, I watered it, and waited. I deeply felt that my seed would flourish into an enormous and fruitful tree. Days went by, and I stood beside the ground where I planted the seed. Day and night, day and night, I waited. I grew weary, and began to lose hope. I would water the ground whenever I noticed that it was parched, but I saw nothing.

This was when I had begun to lose faith in my seed. I questioned myself, “Did I do something wrong?”, “Was I not giving it the attention and energy it needs to grow?”, “Is this the proper way to do it?”. I was disappointed that I wasn’t seeing results, and lost all hope of my seed growing. I would visit the ground only a few times a week, and then a few times a month, then once a month. I had forgotten about the seed after a while. I became caught up in other endeavors and on people telling me that I didn’t have what it took to be a gardener.

Time went by. I had forgotten the exact location of the seed. Then, one day, while strolling along, it appeared to me. I noticed a small sprout on the ground that looked neglected and forgotten. Right then, I remembered that I had planted a seed in that exact spot many, many months ago. Although it was just a small sprout, it ignited a fire within me, a fire full of hope and desire. It brought back the excitement of watching the seed grow into an enormous and fruitful tree. A tree of which others will be able to feed off of and satisfy their hunger. A tree in which people from all over will come together and enjoy its bounty. A tree that will provide shelter in moments of downpour. A tree that will provide solace when all there seems to be is desolation.

I felt ashamed. I couldn’t believe that I had given up on my seed. I couldn’t believe that I had walked away from my seed, a helpless seed that was in need of tender and loving care. At that moment, I made a vow. I was going to remain by my little sprout’s side. I vowed to keep watering it, and nourishing it. To keep it warm when the world was cold. To keep it cool when the sun scorched the ground. I would make sure that I never gave up on my sprout again because one day, this sprout was going to become a tree. I decided to plant other seeds to keep my sprout company and encourage it to keep growing. From that moment on, I would keep grooming my newly planted garden.

Fueling its growth and never deserting it ever again. Because in becoming impatient, one will become disappointed and lose hope, and in losing hope, one gives up on that “seed” that they were once excited on seeing flourish. Never give up on something you feel passionately about when things don’t happen as planned or you become discouraged. Life will throw curveballs at you unexpectedly to test how deeply you want that thing to succeed. Don’t abandon the seed you plant. Keep working at it. Nurturing it. Embracing it. Manifesting it. The more you “feed” it, the more it will grow, and just you see, with enough faith, anything is possible.



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