Mission: Dismantle the “Plan”

I have been a bit MIA because life has been hectic this past month. That inspired me to develop the following post.. So far, it is one of the most raw things I have discussed, but it will make complete sense to those that haven’t been mentally washed by today’s society. Just felt that this post needed a little intro, and I hope my message gets across.. Namaste.

Life isn’t supposed to be planned out for us. The majority of people are living in modern times; meaning, no more growing/raising your own food, no more washing or making your own clothes by hand, no more picking up a home phone to call people, no more spending quality time with loved ones without being distracted, no more relying on the cycles of celestial bodies as a calendar.. Basically, we, as the human race, have become less in touch with reality, and more dependent on worldly ways; an “invisible plan” we are subliminally forced to follow through. 

The way of life is to go with the flow. The vibes, the energies, the vibrations.. Living in modern times, most people forget this. You shouldn’t be told how to live life and when you have to do/complete things in your life. We, as a society, are highly influenced by the media. Everywhere we look, there is something name brand or luxury that, in turn, we begin to desire. These desires can cause people to imagine and plan out an idealistic lifestyle goal in their heads that might never be reached. These plans become the sole motivator in life, and therefore, cause us, as humans, to neglect the purpose of our existence. 

Why is it that the majority of the world has one goal in life? …To be rich. This is because as societies begin to modernize, the priorities and obligations that we once had start to become less important until they dwindle into obscurity. Values that were once held highly become non-existent, and traditions once revered are becoming nothing but legend. A lot of this is due to planning life. Life, as we now know it, revolves around the planning for one’s “success” and future. This has become habitual in our society from generation to generation. 

What does society regard as successful? Having the best body/figure than any other person? Having the most flashy, expensive, biggest, lavish home/ car/ jewelry/ clothes/ shoes, etc.. Being extremely wealthy? Sadly, these are just a few of the many ridiculous visions that the human race considers worthy of success. Why is it that we put such an emphasis on the material/superficial? Because we stopped living life with a purpose and have been brainwashed as a society to believe that having those things mentioned above is “truly living life,” And so, we plan life.. We plan because whoever decided the way to happiness and joy and wealth is to do live life in a certain manner.. Finish school, go to college, get a job, buy a home, buy a car, start a family.. This is a “plan”.

You have to plan ahead to get things from life.. To a certain extent, this makes sense. When you plan life, you get so tied up on the “planning” that you forget to actually live it. Life shouldn’t be planned ahead for, life is meant to be fulfilling. Everyone is born with a purpose, if you envision your life to what you want it to be like in 10 years, that’s perfectly normal. You aren’t formulating a blueprint or making a model of the occurrences you would like to make happen, you are simply setting goals and giving an open invitation for the Universe to interfere on the journey you are going to embark. The destination is your goal life 10 years from now. The difference between that and planning life is that when you have a life planned out, you are particularizing specific details and being critical of what has to happen in your life over the course of those 10 years in order to reach that goal. In doing so, you aren’t allowing the flow or interaction of the Universe, within you and around you, to guide you to where you should be. It becomes a routine.

Life is a celebration and it should be enjoyed the way the Universe intended. Living according to a plan disrupts the vibrations and causes many imbalances and disappointments, which will lead you to regret the things you never tried and can make you feel unfulfilled. Why do you think a lot of people in our modern day and age become addicts to substances, over indulge on things, become selfish, develop mental issues, and even modify their bodies to achieve perfection? It is because the plan to achieve the ideal life has gotten so out of control that those people couldn’t handle the pressure. They couldn’t handle the pressure because life isn’t supposed to make us feel anything but ALIVE and HAPPY! If you feel that planning and not living/enjoying life is comfortable and safe, congratulations, you are officially a pawn of society. If you abuse substances, undergo non-medically necessary body modification surgeries, spend all or part of your income in gambling/betting, and/or only wear/drive objects that are “luxury”, “expensive”, or “brand recognized”, congratulations, you too are a pawn; to think that having THOSE things represent “making it” or truly “living life”. Stop fucking doing what THEY tell you and start doing what YOU fucking want to do. 

We weren’t born to work a bullshit ass, 9-5, Monday through Friday, no paid vacation fucking job! We weren’t born to alter our image to “keep up” with media ideals! We weren’t born to become dominated by technology and be dumbed down by it! Humans are born and meant to live, as everything else on Earth, by completing cycles. We don’t “plan” when we are hungry and have to eat, when we are tired and have to sleep, when we have an upset stomach and have to use the bathroom, etc.. Our bodies and everything around us is in constant cycle; interacting with the environment and all that comes in contact with it. If we want to learn, we shouldn’t be forced to learn what THEY want to teach us or want us to know (grade school and college is THEIR plan), we are MEANT to experience learning and curiosity! If we want to earn a living, we shouldn’t have to bust our asses for an hourly wage that amounts less than what we need to afford living comfortably (this was all implemented by THEM, it is THEIR plan), we creatures of the Earth, We are MEANT to roam freely without “work” as we know of it. It is the human thing to do. 

When you think about it, and I really mean think about it, our life has already been planned out for us since before birth. At least in the United States of America it has. We have to be born at a hospital, have a birth certificate with an automatic social security number, get vaccines to diseases that according to world scientists have been cured, but we still HAVE to get them as babies. We have to be enrolled in a school by the age of 4, we have to complete grade school, high school and then college under the curriculum implemented for us by whom? We have to make a living “compensated” with a salary that isn’t enough to cover the costs of living, and I’m just talking about the basic costs of shelter, food, hygiene, communication, and clothing. We have to have good credit in order to own any property or take out loans, have a cell phone under our name, etc.. These bullshit ass “invisible/unwritten” rules of society are part of obvious PLANS to control us!!! We weren’t born to have our lives PLANNED out for us. 

We are worthy of everything we desire.. We are born free and are supposed to LIVE life that way, without expectations, constraints, and false pretenses. Start accepting the blessings of our bountiful and mystical Universe with open minds and hearts. Let’s start living life, let’s throw all the unnecessary planning out the “window”. It starts with breaking the “norm” of today’s unwritten rules of society. Start living, people, and wake the fuck up!!! Oh and for those of you that read this and think I’m crazy, I don’t give a fuck! Also, you’re probably one of the many close-minded pawns. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer, this is all part of their plan. The revolution has begun, are you going to die as a pawn or live as a maverick?.. Red or green pill.. You decide


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