Helloooo 2015!

2014 was a crazy year. This past year brought about a lot of enlightenment and awakenings. 2014 brought me clarity that I would have never been able to achieve if I would have never listened to the signs. The signs are all around you, it’s your choice whether to open your eyes and live upon those signs or be blinded to reality.
I can honestly say that every change that I had made in life so far, has only been for the better. There might be times where it’s hard to make a change and you might not know how to make it, but it must be done. Every one that knows me knows that my life mantra is “Everything happens for a reason.” I actually opened my eyes to a lot of the BS happening around me and this allowed me to start removing all the negativity from my life.
If you’re not changing you’re not growing. I’m the kind of person that has always liked changed. I’m typically the person that “gets bored easily” and decides to make drastic changes to add the “spark” in life. I have decided to let go of all that was keeping me tied down to certain aspects of life and finally live life my way. Now, I’m not talking about the “new year, new me” bullshit, I’m still the “same me” but I’ll be doing things differently. You shouldn’t care how people are going to react if you do something drastic. No one is living your life for you. They aren’t the ones who are experiencing the happiness you feel, the joy, the pain, the sadness. No one is feeling that but you. It’s time to start living and stop regretting. /home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/322/79896726/files/2015/01/img_1564.png
Everyone’s goals are different, everyone’s dreams are different. Turn that “What if…” into “Why not..” Come out of that comfort zone. Become more attune with yourself and what the Universe has to offer you. Let’s all make 2015 the year of change. Personal change, lifestyle change, world change. Using positivity as a motivator.
Because if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough… A toast to 2015 being a New Year filled with happiness, love, prosperity, joy and health.


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