I like it rough..

*Saturday of Seduction
IMG_0982.PNGSaturday is synonymous with sex, don’t you think? Well most people tend to have more sex during the weekends.. Why not some rough sex tonight?IMG_0997.PNGIMG_0991.PNG
Rough sex entails…
-Hair pulling
-A lot of grabbing
-Hard grabbing
-Choking IMG_1011.PNG
Rough sex isn’t for everyone. Rough sex can be a little extreme for some. You’ll need to use a bit of discretion when trying to initiate your lover for this type of “break the chair/table/wall” type of sex. Permission or consent from a willing participant is necessary. If you’re an avid practitioner in the art of rough sex, you know that there are certain things that have to be set in place while in the act. IMG_0983.PNG
Many people associate rough sex with single promiscuous individuals. What people fail to realize is that many couples in committed relationships participate in this type of sex. Even if you are in a committed relationship and haven’t tried rough sex, maybe now is a good time to suggest it to your partner 😉… IMG_0990.PNGIMG_0988.PNG
Most people also like using toys to make the sex more stimulating.
Toys that can be used:
-Nipple clamps
Because, some people prefer it kinky 😜.IMG_1001.PNGIMG_1009.PNG
When rough sex goes wrong…
Although rough sex can be an extremely pleasurable, it can be a little painful as well. The use of safe words might be necessary if you’re trying this for the first time or with a new lover.
Popular safe words include:
-A Color (ex. Red)
-Name of a place (ex. Space needle)
-A number (ex. 3)
-An object (ex. Flower)
-A name (ex. Cleopatra)
… You get it.
Most people who enjoy rough sex use safe words to let their lover know when it is getting too much to handle.
Don’t let this happen to you:IMG_1008.PNGIMG_1010.PNG

Unless, of course, you don’t mind 😐.
Remember, just because he/she might look innocent, doesn’t mean they don’t like it rough. IMG_1004.PNG
Happy humping. 😏


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