Honestly speaking…

*”Keep it real” Friday
Why is it so hard for people to keep it real with one another? Why do people feel the need to be fake? I don’t understand why people, not just teenagers or young adults, but people of all ages, find it hard to keep it 💯. Is it because they are afraid what the other person thinks of their opinion? Is it because the other person is emotional to the point of becoming offended if someone is honest with them? Seems to me that everyone talks about “honesty being the best policy” or being honest or keeping it 💯, but in reality, they, themselves are not.
I don’t know if part of the reason why this is happening is because of the influences of society. Or, is it perhaps, that as humans, we have become less conscious of the meaning of words. I hate it when I see people acting fake, I feel like slapping “real” into them. I can honestly say that I try my best to keep it as real as possible at all times. The times that I’m not fully 100% are with people that I know for a fact won’t handle my realness, so I “sugarcoat” things for them.
Why is realness becoming a thing of the past? What happened to letting someone know how you really feel about them? What happened to having your friend’s back when they are arguing with someone? What happened to looking out for someone if what they are wearing looks ridiculous on them? Yes, it’s up to them whether they do something or change something when told the truth, but at least you were honest.
You’re not going to die if you go up to your crush and tell them that you’ve liked them since the 5th grade, or tell your friend that their breath smells worse than a garbage truck, in the morning. If you don’t like him/her “like that”, don’t lead them on, keep it real and let them know the deal. It’s all about how you say these things that determine the outcome. That is why I “sugarcoat” truth with those I know won’t like to hear it. IMG_0938.PNG
We should start being more honest and real with one another. Sometimes people need to hear things in order to get another perspective. Wether it’s saying “I love you” or “I can’t fucking stand you”. Why is that so hard? Saying “I don’t like the way you treat me” or “you sound stupid saying that shit bro”. IMG_0933.PNG
It really isn’t a hard thing to do. If you’re not real with others, you’re being fake with yourself. That’s no bueno. Why would you fake smile and fake a conversation with someone that you cannot stand?! What is the logic in that? IMG_0940.PNG
Keeping it real, honesty, is the fundamental basis in any relationship, whether it’s is a friendship, romantic, family, co-worker, etc… I give what I expect. I don’t do fake. I’m real with people and expect the same in return, if you’re not down to be real with me, (whether it’s in regards to your feelings towards me, what I’m wearing, or what I’m doing) just keep it moving.
*Im just saying


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