7 Deadly Sins: GREED

*Wicked Wednesday

Also known as avarice, Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain. When one is greedy, they want everything for themselves, thus leading to selfishness. IMG_0864.PNG
Greed makes people forget what’s really important in life. It disconnects oneself with the spiritual realm. People who display greed are mostly amongst the rich and famous. Their lifestyle, super flashy and name brand oriented, is a dream that most weak minded individuals lust over. IMG_0867.PNG
It seems like most people want fame and riches. Greed is a wicked “deadly sin”. Those who are greedy usually don’t have depth. They are very shallow and superficial; you can read right through them. Their life goal is to have lots of money. What they fail to realize is that money is an illusion, created by people who wanted power and control… the greedy. IMG_0873.PNG
Who gives money its value? The government does. What are governments known to be but not powerful and controlling.
This gives way for the commoners to believe that by having a lot of money, one can also have power. IMG_0862.PNG
Greed takes over ones judgement and can turn an innocent, kind human being into a narcissistic, selfish monster. IMG_0863.PNG
I’m sure you guys have heard of stories where people have all the riches or fame that they desire, but they still feel empty on the inside. IMG_0865.PNG
That is because no money, no name brand clothes, no diamond in the world can fully satisfy a person. If you don’t have a spiritual awareness/ connection with your being, no matter how much you have, material-wise, you will never feel complete. IMG_0887.PNG
Greed is the most habituated “deadly sin”. IMG_0878.PNG
It instils the notion that material possessions are the most important things in life making people forget about what really matters and what we were put on Earth to do. Greed has destroyed the Earth and it’s people. It has caused every war, it has killed millions of people, it has destroyed many lives, but people still allow greed to control their minds and thoughts. IMG_0881.PNG
Greed is a “deadly sin” for a reason, and one should consider turning away from it. The less greed there is in the world, the more happy and helping people will be. Putting so much importance on money and luxury kills a person slowly. IMG_0877.PNGIMG_0883.PNG
How many millions of people play the lottery each and every day with hopes to win a small fortune? If you add up all of the money wasted on this greed-influenced activity, that person would have enough money to buy a car or pay off some debt. IMG_0882.PNGIMG_0879.PNG
Greed makes people do stupid things. Greed turns people against each other. Greed makes people compromise their integrity, values, beliefs and dignity. Greed makes people turn their backs on those in need. Greed makes people lose their self worth and esteem. It makes people buy unnecessary items, or spend money that could’ve been saved to do something important. IMG_0889.PNG
Once again I bring up the fact that the media is instilling certain vices in people by projecting a false illusion/ dream that is hard to attain, but most people yearn it. They do this by not notifying the public of the troubles going on over the world. IMG_0872.PNG
They, instead, inform us of the latest purchases and splurges of the rich and famous. The richer get rich while the poor keeps wishing they were; its a vicious cycle. IMG_0886.PNG
Therefore controlling the minds of masses into only caring and wishing they have wealth and material possessions. Greed was presented to humans as a way to disconnect them with their spirit. When one is disconnected and not engaged with their spiritual self, it creates a separation that might be hard to repair. IMG_0892.PNG
With our minds, we can achieve unbelievable things. The people in “power” know this, therefore they are “dumbing” the public by controlling the way we think. It is destroying us all.IMG_0880.PNG
Open your eyes people!!! Dig deep within yourselves and become one with your spirit! It is time that we change the ways of the world and re-claim our minds! IMG_0891.PNG
Don’t fall into the trap of the wicked.


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