Find peace within..

*Monday of Meditation

On this Monday morning, give thanks for a new day. You are blessed to have woken up today. Start off by thanking God and the Universe for everything that you have and have accomplished. Be grateful to yourself. Close your eyes and take in all the positivity being given to you. It’s a start of a new week.. Back to work or school after a short weekend. Don’t let the thought of the long week ahead ruin the positive vibrations..

Instead, use up all that energy into finding that peace within you.. Inner peace is the most important peace there is.

Forget about the worries of the world, reflect on making an internal change, a change that will have the greatest impact on your being. Some may find it easier than others to find this inner peace, but once they do, all things will become clearer and come into perspective. All fears will begin to vanish and instead, you will gain more strength.

Take a few moments throughout the day to reflect on how special YOU are. YOU were born and are still roaming the earth. YOU will make your dreams come true. YOU chose which path to take in this journey of life. YOU will be happy.

IMG_0833.PNGTake some time to appreciate yourself. How many times have you done this in your life so far? When one is worried about the world and its troubles, one forgets to appreciate and love themselves. When one is worried about making others happy, one forgets to make themselves happy. Forgive yourself for all of the negativity you have allowed into your life. Forgive yourself for all of the things you have done that you wish you’ve never had. Release all the anger that is built up inside you and let it out. Breathe. Each time you breathe out, you will be freeing yourself from the opposing energy inside making you unbalanced. With every breathe you take in, you are allowing the positivity and happiness inside you. Allow yourself to embrace your spirit. Love yourself.
A few minutes a day reflecting and appreciating yourself will allow an inflow of positivity and luck. It releases the negativity and tension..

The mind is the most powerful part of your physical being, it can make a glorious day into a bitter day in an instant, why not reverse that for a change? Today is the day that YOU will start working towards that inner peace.. Forget about the woe, forget about the troubles, forget about the nonsense. Change your attitude towards yourself and life, and great things will soon start coming your way..
IMG_0820.PNGMay the peace be within you.


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