I’m just saying…

*”Keeping is real” Friday

IMG_0679.PNG*girl Or guy..

A BIG shoutout goes to all of those people that are hating on happy, single people, this one is for you!

Don’t be mad because happy, single people don’t want a relationship.

Don’t be mad because happy, single people don’t have to worry about how someone is going to react when they see pictures of them partying hard.

Don’t be mad because happy, single people are not in a relationship and are still HAPPY.

Lately I’ve been noticing that there are more and more people hating on happy singles.. not only those already in relationships, but other single people as well.

Why all the hate?
-Is it because happy singles don’t give a fuck what you have to say?

-Is it because when you talk about your relationship, and your happy, single friend gives you advice, you know they are right and you don’t want to hear it?

-Is it because they can get drunk and fuck and act like a “thot” (I despise that word 😑) without having a care in the world?

-Is it because they may have their life all together while you still need help from your parents because your partner doesn’t have a job?

I am really curious as to why happy singles are getting hated on. Being a happy single myself, I wonder what goes through the minds of miserable people. When you think about it, like really think about it, the miserables are miserable by choice! To justify their miserableness they judge those that are not miserable and try to make them re-think their actions. Misery loves company, Us happy singles don’t need all that negative, hating bullshit..

This is not to say that there aren’t happy couples in the world, there are plenty.. I’m just referring to those that are in relationships and aren’t happy..

•The ones that tell people how their happy, single friend is trying to “ruin” their relationship.. (Don’t talk about your relationship issues if you’re not willing to hear advice..)

•The ones that talk shit about how their happy, single friend is always going out.. (Fuck you!)

•The ones that get upset at their happy, single friend for being happy, single and loving it.. (Stop fucking hating!)

•The ones that stay in relationships that aren’t working out and feel the need to make everyone as miserable as they are.. (Seriously, stop!)

•Oh, and the ones that are in relationships just because they are lonely and can’t stand being single, but still hate on the happy singles.. (Pathetic 😑)

Also for the ones that ARE single, but miserable… Learn to be happy and love yourself.. You don’t need a relationship to make you feel loved. Stop hating on those are aren’t in a relationship and are happy and those that are in relationships and are happy. If you want to be in a relationship, there’s clearly a reason why you are still single.. Re-evaluate yourself, see what it is that is making you unhappy, and start changing those things..

Miserable people of the world, either change the way you are living, or stop fucking trying to bring other people down with you!

Being single and happy…
-Does not make you an automatic hoe (Who ever you fuck is no one’s business.. Well, if it’s a person who’s already in a relationship, then in that case.. You might be a hoe)

-Does not mean that you aren’t compassionate of other people (As long as people don’t keep coming to you with the same problem and BS.. Because, honestly, that shit gets annoying)

-Does not mean that you don’t have any responsibilities (You’re handling your business?.. No worries)

-Does not mean that you care any less about people who are in relationships.. It just means that you are happy NOT being in one..

On that note, to all the happy singles, keep doing what you are doing.. Keep repelling the negativity, you’re obviously doing something right that causes people to hate.. Stay happy and keep smiling!

*I’m just saying… that is all, happy Friday 😜


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