Keep it on the low..

*Taboo Tuesday


It is not a secret that many men are unfaithful to their significant other, but when the tables are turned, it seems to be a bit taboo. Why is that? I guess society has this preconceived notion that all women are a certain way.. They have to be well-kept, they are over-emotional, they are less intelligent than men, etc.. Well let me tell you, the emphasis of a perfect, dainty, housewife has gone out the window; especially in today’s society.

Many studies conducted in the past decade have shown a growing number of women being unfaithful to their partners. Hmm.. Interesting, no? Could it be that women are taking a stand against infidelity? Or might other factors be of cause?

Reasons why people cheat:

•Are not satisfied sexually
•Are a sex addict
•Don’t care of their partner’s feelings
•Are uncertain of their feelings towards partner
•STRESSED with their obligations
•Something might be “missing” on the inside and might be looking to see what it is
•Are self-conscious and need/are seeking acceptance
•Might just not give a fuck and are selfish, really
•Celebrities are doing it, Duh!!

… I’m pretty sure you guys can add more reasons to this list, but those are pretty legit reasons, don’t you think?

Either way, society tends to cover up female infidelities. I think part of the reason is so that men won’t seem vulnerable, weak or like they have lost their “upper hand.” That is some sexist shit! Women are capable of doing everything a man can and more. I’m not condoning infidelity or cheating behavior, but what I’m saying is don’t “sleep” on us women. Whatever men do or can do to hurt women, we can do “better” and in return crush a man.

In today’s society, we see more women going to strip clubs, bars, hanging out in the street, taking on “manly hobbies” and so on.. Did you think that cheating wasn’t going to be on the list?!

Is this considered cheating?

-Accepting gifts from male friends (I do mean gifts, not sex -_-)
-Flirting with another person
-Grinding at a party or a club with a stranger
-Hanging out with male friends
-Making out with a female friend while being drunk
-Staring at a cute guy as he walks by
-Thinking of another person during intercourse
-Watching porn
-Watching porn and masturbating

… No forreal, is it?


It baffles me when guys act all crazy and threaten to “kill” their significant other because of infidelity, but expect a woman to accept all the cheating that they do without complaining… Like, seriously, WTF?!


Listen, if you have been in a situation where your significant other has cheated on you or you have cheated on them, but are still in the relationship, OR are still “in love” with your partner, pay attention:


If you want to stay with the unfaithful or are the unfaithful and want to patch things up, here are a few tips to try out..

~First and foremost, don’t get fucking mad, you’re fucking allowing it to happen!
~Spice things up in the bedroom:
•try role playing 😉
•try using toys 😜
•try having sex in spontaneous places (NOT the boring ass bedroom!)
~Turn him/her “on” by doing something they like (It’s not all about you)
~Give them some space (people start feeling suffocated and want out)
~Start talking to them.. Communication is KEY!
~Also, If he/she is still cheating after you’ve tried all of the possibilities in the world to kept them satisfied, but it still won’t keep them from having a party in another person’s pants, get the fuck out of the relationship! They obviously don’t love you or respect you enough to stop hurting you in that way, so it’s time to step up, put your big man/ woman panties on and begin to love yourself.. It’s time to get out!!!

I’m not saying that it is all the cheating person’s fault as to why they are unfaithful to begin with, the other partner might have provoked it in a way.. Take a step back and fully access the situation from a “third-person” perspective.. Either way, it won’t justify the cheating, Communication is KEY to a healthy relationship.


… Keep that in mind.


One thought on “Keep it on the low..

  1. Loving someone is easy. Staying committed is the same when there’s real feelings in the works. Those that cheat simply don’t respect their partner. Punto y final lol

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