Another day, another week..

*Monday of meditation


Yes, it’s Monday again, back to a full work or school week. To some it’s back to being that “bitch” in the office or the person who is going to procrastinate on that important assignment. Bottom line is, EVERYONE that has responsibilities dreads Mondays. Look on the bright side, you’re getting something out of being at work or school; a paycheck or college credits. Stop fucking complaining about Mondays. No body wants to hear it! If your day is miserable it’s because you allowed it to be. Start your week off by rejoicing that you get to see a new day. Forget about the things that bother you at work or school, and don’t let the pestering things ruin your mood. Monday is like any other day; It’s up to you whether the day is dreadful or awesome! If you start your day off with a negative thought, you’re day will be just that.. Negative! Keep it positive and all you’ll attract will be positivity…

Some helpful mantras:
-When things get tough, don’t forget to breathe..
-I will not stress the little things..
-I will only focus on what matters..
-Today I will keep my thoughts positive and imagine the best case scenario of every situation’s outcome..
-Today my mind will be free of worries..
-I will live my life freely..
-I will give more and expect less..

…Something to meditate about.



4 thoughts on “Another day, another week..

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I agree that EVERYONE should give more and expect less. One thing I noticed was that the text toward the middle blended with the background and I couldnt really read but other than minor format issues I really appreciated reading your post. Ill be following to hear more.

    Liked by 1 person

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