I like it rough..

*Saturday of Seduction Saturday is synonymous with sex, don’t you think? Well most people tend to have more sex during the weekends.. Why not some rough sex tonight? Rough sex entails… -Hair pulling -Spanking -Biting -A lot of grabbing -Throwing -Slamming -Pounding -Slapping -Hard grabbing -Choking Rough sex isn’t for everyone. Rough sex can be … More I like it rough..

7 Deadly Sins: GREED

*Wicked Wednesday Also known as avarice, Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain. When one is greedy, they want everything for themselves, thus leading to selfishness. Greed makes people forget what’s really important in life. It disconnects oneself with the spiritual realm. People who display greed are mostly amongst the rich and famous. … More 7 Deadly Sins: GREED

Find peace within..

*Monday of Meditation On this Monday morning, give thanks for a new day. You are blessed to have woken up today. Start off by thanking God and the Universe for everything that you have and have accomplished. Be grateful to yourself. Close your eyes and take in all the positivity being given to you. It’s … More Find peace within..

I’m just saying…

*”Keeping is real” Friday *girl Or guy.. A BIG shoutout goes to all of those people that are hating on happy, single people, this one is for you! Don’t be mad because happy, single people don’t want a relationship. Don’t be mad because happy, single people don’t have to worry about how someone is going … More I’m just saying…

7 Deadly Sins: LUST

*Wicked Wednesday A powerful psychological force producing intense yearning for an object or idea fulfilling the want. Types of Lust: -Knowledge -Power -Sex Oh yes, SEX is definitely the most occurring form of lust You cannot go on with your day without seeing a sexual image or hearing a lustful expression.. In today’s society, everywhere … More 7 Deadly Sins: LUST

Keep it on the low..

*Taboo Tuesday It is not a secret that many men are unfaithful to their significant other, but when the tables are turned, it seems to be a bit taboo. Why is that? I guess society has this preconceived notion that all women are a certain way.. They have to be well-kept, they are over-emotional, they … More Keep it on the low..